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Welcome to Optimize Social Media


CORE STRENGTH STATEMENT: Our core strength is...creating evolutionary social media & reputation solutions for our specific clients, partners and industries. 


VISION STATEMENT: Create the most admired and trusted social media company by providing a safe, secure atmosphere that cultivates employee growth through education and collaboration.


MISSION STATEMENT: We are the most admired and trusted social media company because we develop specific solutions that protect our partners' brands and connect clients with their customers online. 





INDUSTRIES: our clients and partners exist within our industries. These are our commitments to the industries we work in:


PARTNERS: our partners are our core. They allow us to serve their stores, retailers and individual owners. These are our commitments to our partners:


CLIENTS: our clients are those who pay us money, they are the stores, retailers and business owners who use our services.

These are our commitments to our clients:





TRUST: Believe in our team.


EFFORT: Work smarter AND harder.


ACCOUNTABILTY: Celebrate success, persevere through failure.


PATIENCE: Practice acceptance and tolerance. 


"We will work smarter AND harder. We will celebrate success, persevere through failure and practice acceptance and tolerance.

WE believe in our team!"



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