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Optimize Social Media would like to extend a special thank you for considering our team! We provide professional social media setup, maintenance, and design for businesses in various fields.


Our team has the expertise to manage your social media and develop a strategy tailored to your business.  We will work with you, hand-to-hand to identify your goals and put a plan into action. We have developed a posting and advertising strategy that will not only engage customers, but create customer retention. Here at OSM we treat every relationship with the highest level of dedication.


Along with what we can do for your business online, we promise you the best customer service available. We are dedicated to helping you navigate through the “social media maze.” We want to cultivate a relationship to help guide and assist you with your social media pages. You’re looking for a solution, we understand! You are in great hands with Optimize Social Media



It doesn't matter if you're a small business owner or a national brand. We have a solution that fits your needs.



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Social Media Management Services Available at Optimize Social Media


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5 Reasons Why Social Media Works for Small Business


One concern I hear from small business owners is, “Social media might work for big companies, but it won’t work for my small business”. If you’ve had these types of thoughts, you’re not alone.

But, why would a small business owner feel that social media wouldn’t work for them?

For many small business owners, radio, newspapers, billboards, commercials and direct mail campaigns are what have worked in the past. It’s what they grew up with. It’s what they know. Consumers have become hyper-aware of advertising. Many people have tuned out these traditional marketing strategies. One thing that most people have in common these days is that they’re on some form of social media. 




4 Simple Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Being on Social Media in 2019


Increase Customer Loyalty and Brand Awareness by talking with your customers online, they’ll think of you more often when they are in need of your service. Think of being in a room with all your customers and each of them asking questions, looking for more info, thanking you for your service in the past – the list goes on.

Would you ignore those customers? Of course not!

But if you’re not on social media that’s essentially what you’re doing. If people are engaging with you on social media, their intent is to GIVE YOU MONEY.

You just have to be there to tell them why they should.




Google Updated Their Content Policies and it’s Hardly a Big Deal


“Don’t discourage or prohibit reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.” – Google.

The meaning of the above sentence (which is part of Google’s new Prohibited Content Policies for reviews) could be heavily debated and easily confused. The tech giant has released their new guidelines for uploaded photos and videos, events, and text reviews.


While the photos and events portion is important, that is not what most business owners are going to be concerned about right off the bat.

Instead, they’ll be losing sleep over that first line, especially “[Don’t] selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.”

Here is the other criteria for text reviews:






Optimize Social Media is a Minnesota based company, providing professional social media solutions.  Being social media experts, we help businesses set up, design, brand, and manage their social media platforms. We currently manage 2000+ accounts, in a variety of industries, by creating brand solutions for multi-location shops, small business and franchise. Our goal is to increase awareness online and create content that will engage customers to ultimately convert them into traffic for your business. We manage platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google My Business, Youtube and Yelp. In addition, we provide services such as; website design, photo/video production, business to business advertisement, hiring ads, and more. Call today to learn more and receive a free analysis of your social media platforms from one of our social media experts.

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